What is Graceful Edge?

Graceful Edge is a fun and informative website for active women who strive to be outside. Covering a wide range of activities including running, alpine sports, hiking, yoga, and cycling, Graceful Edge is stocked with ideas and tips on gear, apparel, things to do, advice from experts and more.

Women are constantly bombarded with messages that link physical activity with weight loss and appearance. Tired of the status quo, Graceful Edge was created to be the fresh alternative. Simply focused on spreading the enthusiasm for living an active and adventurous life.

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Words We Live By

We believe...


...that you can be strong stylish and graceful all at the same time

...adventures are good for the soul

...that if we're having a blast, we'll come back for more

...in trying our best while not taking ourselves too seriously

...in giving back because we are a lucky bunch

...we deserve more than the male standard outfitted in pink (but pink is a great color)

...embarrassing mishaps are inevitable but are great stories to be shared with friends

...that one day we can take fresh ice cream on overnight backpack trips