Graceful Edge is the fun and informative email and website for active women who strive to be outside.

Our mission is to inspire women to play outside in the spirit of having fun.  Far too often, physical activity is linked to weight loss and physical appearance.  We prefer to leave behind the calorie counters and simply revel in the experience and what we can accomplish.

The name Graceful Edge speaks to trying our best and pushing the boundaries of what we believe we’re capable of…all while maintaining our compassion, individuality and of course, our sense of humor.

We believe that life’s most thrilling moments are experienced when we attempt new adventures, conquer our fears and achieve our goals.  Whether it’s crossing the finish line at our first 5K, clearing logs on the mountain bike, or skiing black diamond runs, these accomplishments consistently leave us grinning from ear to ear and clamoring for more.

However, sometimes these aspirations come with a lot of buts.  How many times have we said, “I would love to do X but… “I don’t have the time”; “I don’t want to be uncomfortable”; “I don’t want to make a fool out of myself”, etc. etc.  

Graceful Edge aims to kick these buts (hee hee) to the curb .  Covering a wide range of activities including running, alpine sports, hiking, yoga, and cycling, Graceful Edge is stocked with ideas and tips on gear, apparel, things to do, advice from experts and more.

Light-hearted and upbeat, it’s like getting an enthusiastic nudge from your happy go-lucky friend who always seems to have some fun activity up her sleeve.