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March 5, 2010

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Name-dropping.  Bland finger food. Talking about the weather.  Social gatherings can be such a yawner.

Try This:  Tubing in Laos

Try This: Tubing in Laos

Take a break from temples, wats, and museums and escape to Vang Vieng, Laos. A small backpacker town in northern Laos, visitors to Vang Vieng often try kayaking, trekking, caving and climbing. The main attraction of the town however might be inner tubing down the Nam Song River.

Try This:  Swim with Beluga Whales

Try This: Swim with Beluga Whales

At 58N latitude, Churchill, Manitoba is a little farther north than most people would consider for their summer vacations – but the Hudson Bay area happens to be the summer home for 57,000 Beluga whales.

Off the Radar's Predictions on the Next Hip Adventures

Off the Radar's Predictions on the Next Hip Adventures

You're a real trail blazer.  You've trekked your way through Nepal, safari-ed in Tanzania.  Now where do you go?  Check out the next ten hot spots as predicted by our friends at Off the Radar, the online magazine for independent adventure travelers.

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Margaret Connor

Margaret Connor - Resident Dolphin

Margaret Connor is the Marketing Director and National Manager of Masters and Open Water Swimming for Sport Fair Inc., one of the largest Speedo dealers in the country. In addition, she is an Open Water Instructor and the National Program Director for the US Open Water Association, a newly formed national association for open water swimmers. Margaret is an open water coach for Curl-Burke Masters and is a Curl-Burke Masters swimmer.

Margaret loves her work, especially working with new open water swimmers as they acclimate and then embrace these challenging yet beautiful bodies of water. Margaret’s daughter is a senior at the University of Mary Washington and her son in his first year at Arizona State playing water polo.

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