Lucknow be 2 Ladies: Taking on the Rickshaw Run

From our friends at Off the Radar

April 1, 2009

What our boyfriends can do, we can do too.  And better.

Last year, Pippa Daniels, a financial analyst from Wales (but Dubai livin’), boyfriend did the Rickshaw Run, and so this year, together with her friend Helen, she put together Lucknow be 2 Ladies  team, and enrolled them in the Rickshaw Run.  

Asked about their motivation, sure, competition with the boys was one, but Pippa also indicated that it had been a while she’d felt challenged or put herself totally out of her comfort zone.  Racing through an unfamiliar country and culture, with great friends, for a great cause: time to feel alive, again.

They’ve since been joined by two guys, Jeff and Jason, who wanted to get in on the challenge of getting from Shillong to Goa  in a pimped out Rickshaw in less than two weeks.  There are no maps, no scheduled stops, no mechanical support  - just you and Indian roads: the potholes, crowded with cars, motos, cycles, cattle, camels, vendors kids and the occasional elephant.

Their goal is to raise $80,000 for three charities: Carolina, Franks Water Project and SOS Children’s Village.  So far, they’ve raised over $17,000.  You can support them here.

The journey begins April 11th, and they are going to have to finish in 14 days, cause they have to get back to work!  They will be to relying on their smarts, the help of locals, (as someone told Jeff, “All Indians are born knowing how to fix a rick-shaw”) and a little bit of luck!  

Rickshaw Run  is a great way to do something a little crazy with your vacation; to see a India top to bottom, experience it in all it's chaos and charm, and support charities you care about.