Serenity Rules

May 29, 2009

Sometimes it takes more than flexibility, balance and motivation to find your inner zen at the yoga studio.

A little decorum and etiquette helps too….and everyone else around you. Check out Kimberly Wilson’s tips and you and your fellow yoginis can enjoy the practice while under the influence of some easy chemical-free tranquilizers.

1.  Check your stress at the door. We all have those days but let it go when you enter the studio. You’ve arrived, let the tranquility begin.
2.  Remove your shoes upon entering. Yoga’s practiced in bare feet so leave the dirt spreading to gossip columnists.
3.  Turn off your ringer. Not to vibrate, but off completely.
4.  Be punctual and arrive 5 – 15 minutes early. If you arrive late, you may miss an important part of your practice – getting centered. Or worse, you may not be admitted if practice is underway. If it’s your first time, come sooner than later. It’s time well spent getting oriented, renting a mat and filling out any paperwork.
5.  Yoga’s great for spreading love, harmony, and unfortunately, colds and flus. If you’re feeling under the weather, stay home. You’ll be missed but your fellow yoginis will be grateful.
6.  Keep your surrounding space tidy. Avoid cluttering the area with tons of props, bags, water bottles, etc. While it’s under your watchful eye, it may also be under everyone else’s and distract from the flow.
7.  Know your edge. Explore beyond your comfort zone but don’t push yourself too far. Yoga should leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, not writhing in pain.
8.  Dress in comfy but fitted clothing. Baggy tees are awkward when turning upside down and baggy pants don’t allow your teacher to see your lovely alignment.
9.  If nature calls during class, minimize the disruption and time your exit between poses.
10.  Be mindful of those around you. Come showered, make room for others, and work within spacing constraints. Your feet may be more than five feet away from your nose but may be a mere few feet from your neighbor.
11.  Avoid heavy perfume or noisy jewelry. Sure we all love to accessorize but make sure these must-have accoutrements aren’t disturbing others.
12.  Stay through savasana. The final act, it’s the cherry on top.