Try This: Tubing in Laos

Photo credit:  Liselle Devas

Photo credit: Liselle Devas

August 5, 2009

From our friends at Off the Radar:

Take a break from temples, wats, and museums and escape to Vang Vieng, Laos. A small backpacker town in northern Laos, visitors to Vang Vieng often try kayaking, trekking, caving and climbing. The main attraction of the town however might be inner tubing down the Nam Song River. Spend the afternoon gliding along the cool river in the hot sun drifting past lush green banks and limestone mountains. Whenever you want to take a break, grab on to an outstretched bamboo stick and paddle your way to one of many makeshift bars to grab a cold beverage or practice your Tarzan skills, swinging off ropes into the river.

The trip can take anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day, depending on the current and the number of pit stops you make. If you feel like you’re moving at a snail’s pace, remember, your flip flops make great paddles!