Try This: Swim with Beluga Whales

Photo credit:  Churchill Wild

Photo credit: Churchill Wild

July 21, 2009

From our friends at Off the Radar:

At 58N latitude, Churchill, Manitoba is a little farther north than most people would consider for their summer vacations – but the Hudson Bay area happens to be the summer home for 57,000 Beluga whales. Belugas are some of the friendliest of the deep sea mammals – and travel in large groups of hundreds, sometimes thousands!

Churchill Wild has week long trips run out of their Seal River lodge (another 65 km north of Churchill), with customizable itineraries including kayaking, trekking, photography – and of course the highlight of any trip is donning a dry suit, braving the cold water, and snorkeling with the Belugas!

Contact them at 1.204.377.5090