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Zeal of Approval

July 9, 2009

You can tell a lot about a girl by her choice of sunglasses.  Oakley shields for the sporty girls.  Oversized for the girly-girls.  And aviators for the girls hooked on classics.

Resulting in quite the dilemma for cool cats like you, the stylish, planet-saving outdoorsy girl on-the-go.   

Solve the conundrum with Zeal Optics who has given the all-in-one good-looking, high-performing, affordable pair a go.  From mod orbs to rimless aviators, the frames take you from urban streets to mountaintops to beaches without skipping a beat.

But, the real beauty lies in their performance and design considerations. Polarized, subtly colored lenses ensure clear vision on both the brightest and the cloudiest days. Adjustable pads for comfortable fit on the bridge of your nose instead of your cheeks.    And frames so light that you forget that they’re coolly perched on your nose.

As an added bonus, carrying cases are made of recycled lenses, and they're increasingly using recycled materials for their frames.

Check out the website and take advantage of their fit finder to help you figure out which styles will best flatter your face.

Further ensuring that you’ll be a sight for sore eyes...regardless of the crowd you run with.