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The Deal is On

July 17, 2009

Scroll, scroll, scroll.  Click, click, click.  Who knew that online shopping could be so easy?  And so addictive?

If you dare to feed the beast (i.e. your online shopping habit), head to Steep and Cheap where the deals are hot and the pressure is high.  Super straightforward, Steep and Cheap sells top-line outdoor gear and apparel at huge discounts.  One killer deal at a time until they’re gone, then it’s on to the next item.  

Smith sunglasses discounted by 70%.  A $250 performance ski jacket for $65.  Every 15- 20 minutes, a new item is up for grabs.   And for the remaining Wednesdays in July, it’s women’s gear only from 12 – 2 PM MST.

Adding to the pressure cooker environment, each item is accompanied by indicators relaying quantity remaining, time remaining, and to really kick that competitive spirit into high gear….the number of people currently on site.

Desire extra fuel for the habit?  Sign up for one of Steep and Cheap’s handy Instant Alert widgets and you’ll always be in the know.

Making it even easier to keep your eyes on the prize(s).

Steep and Cheap