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Armed and Secure

July 20, 2009

Die-hard romantics believe that knights in shining armor will ride in and save the day.

Jaded souls recall their last five dates and hedge their bets.  Like donning a Jogger Alarm when running alone.

Created by Doberman Security, the lightweight alarm straps comfortably around the arm, and has the potential to be a real scream (puns are irresistible!).  A touch of the button emits a deafening warning signal and a bright flashing light that can be seen from a mile away. It’s enough of a commotion to deter potential predators and make them think twice before carrying out their evil intentions.

At 105 db, it may even be loud enough to summon that elusive knight in shining armor.

Or maybe not.  Regardless, it’s a damn good happy ending.

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