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Travel Easy

August 11, 2009

You’re comfortably ensconced in first-class.  Relaxing on a flat bed while sipping champagne as you jet your way to Thailand….

And then you wake up.  Jabbed by 32A for drooling on his shoulder.

Next time, keep your dreams alive and your head on your own headrest with an inflatable travel pillow from TravelRest.  Shaped like an oversized candy cane, the pillow cradles your noggin while draped across your chest for lots of support and personal cuddling.

For extra security and support, tether it to your seat back.  Or go freestyle and use TravelRest anywhere you feel like catching a couple of zzz’s.

And since one size fits all, it may even inspire your kids to sleep a little longer.

So at least one of your dreams will come true.