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Stand Up for #1

October 23, 2009

Thanks to women’s lib, your mom and the marketing department at Nike, you believe that anything boys can do, girls can do better.

Except when confronted with nasty port-a-potties. 

Next time, give yourself the leg up with Go-Girl, a gizmo designed to keep you neat and clean.  In techno-speak, Go-Girl is a female urination device but more affectionately known as a FUD.

Simply position the funnel against the skin, aim and let ‘er rip.  Made of medical-grade silicone, Go-Girl is durable and reusable.  Run the FUD through the dishwasher (trivial fact #804:  urine is sterile) and it’s good to go.

Compact and as small as a roll of quarters Go-Girl is ideal for camping, races, paddling and travel. You may even surprise your guy friends when you write your full name in the snow. Because now when nature calls in the backcountry, you can stand tall…and just do it.