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Hot Dog

January 6, 2010

He drools.  He farts.  And he’ll steal your food when you’re not looking.

No, not your significant other (well…maybe in private).  We’re referring to your dog, of course.  But despite Clifford’s flaws, you want nothing more than to keep him safe and happy.

All the more reason to suit him up with a sweet jacket from D-fa.  Hailing from New Zealand, D-fa (as in, D “fah” dogs with a Kiwi accent) has traversed the globe to launch its line of canine performance wear this season.  

Designed with acute attention to detail, D-fa jackets share many of the same technical features found in your favorite outerwear.   Puff-Doggy is super-insulated, wind-proof and breathable.  Ice-Barker is made of luxurious merino wool for warmth and odor control.  And for the high-octane dog, there’s Sub-Woofer a soft-shell that’s water-resistant and wind-proof.

Check out their handy chart that makes it easy to compare the different jackets so you can choose what’s best for Clifford.  Proving once again that you are way more than a fair weather friend.