Get Ready, Set…Tri!

January 28, 2010

They say the devil’s in the details.  And when it comes to triathlons, it can feel like there are a million and one details to consider in preparation of race day.  Add some nerves to the equation and you’re on track to mentally exhaust yourself before you even step up to the start line.  

Keep your cool (and focus) with a sample checklist and tips from Graceful Edge’s Tri-Star Krista Schulz.

Day/Night Before the Race:

  • Pick up your race packet
  • Allocate a specific bag for your gear and visualize yourself going through the race and write down what you need - a sample checklist is provided below.
  • Prepare your water bottles and refrigerate.
  • Assemble your nutrition and pack your gear bag
  • Attach your number to your helmet, bike and race belt
  • Attach your timing chip (if using) to your shoe

Race Morning – before you leave for the race:

  • Better safe than sorry, review your list again and do a quick check of your transition bag.  
  • And make sure you grab water bottles if they are in the fridge.  

At the Transition Area:

  • Rack your bike and check your tire pressure.  Adjust tire pressure as needed.
  • Attach bento box to frame with the proper amount of gels and salt sticks.
  • Lay out your transition towel
  • Lay out your gear in order - bike stuff followed by run stuff.  Next to bike and put bike and run shoes out as well as bike helmet, sunglasses, race belt with race number, socks if needed for bike and/or run, visor/hat and any nutrition you will need to grab heading into your run.  

COOL TIP: A brightly colored towel makes it easier to find your bike.

Note where your bike is racked by counting the number of racks from the swim to the run and looking for landmarks such as trees to help find bike quickly.

COOL TIP: Bring a bright colored swim cap and fit it over the top of the transition rack on the end closest to the entrance and exit to help you designate your rack quickly. Don't depend on this because it could be taken or some races don’t allow this.


Towel to lay out in transition
Goggles & swim cap
Wetsuit/skinsuit – make sure it’s labeled with your name and phone number
Swim outfit
Body glide/Pam
Timing chip (receive in packet or pick up race day)

Nutrition (fluids, calories and salt sticks)
Bento box to hold nutrition
Water/Aero bottles
Bike outfit (may be same as swim)
Socks if needed
Bike shoes
Numbers for bike and helmet
Bike pump
Spare tube
CO2 cartridges

Race belt w/race number attached
Nutrition (container filled w/salt sticks, some gels)
Run outfit (may be same as swim and or bike)
Run shoes pre-tied or yanks/lace locks
Baby powder to put in run and bike shoes if don't wear socks

Post race:
Change of clothes for after the race
Comfy shoes to slip into
Cell phone to call family/friends

Krista is an elite triathlete who’s competed in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship, Duathlon World Championship and 70.3 Ironman World Championships.  And when she’s not training, Krista is testing and coaching endurance athletes.  A certified coach with a masters in exercise physiology, Krista  has the knowledge and practical experience to get her clients to tri their best.