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March 5, 2010

Name-dropping.  Bland finger food. Talking about the weather.  Social gatherings can be such a yawner.

In the mood to liven it up?  Introduce fellow guests to your awesome wool underwear from Icebreaker.  A far cry from the scratchy, shapeless skivvies worn by your ancestors, Icebreaker is made from the finest merino wool and uses a special milling process to produce a luxurious fabric that’s as soft as silk.  And not only are they ridiculously comfortable but sexy too with sassy “hot” shorts, thongs, bikinis and camisoles. 

Extra fodder for conversation, Icebreaker’s eco-friendliness.  Sustainably produced, Icebreaker is the first to tag each garment so consumers can trace its origins to the original sheep station.  

Innovative, sophisticated and sexy.  A guarantee that you (and your Icebreakers) will be invited baaaa-ck.