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The Rolling Gene-ious

June 4, 2008

They say love hurts. Ain’t that the truth. Like the time your sweetie tried to teach you the joys of mountain biking.

And what a bang-up job he did....literally.

Get the good times rolling again when you enlist mountain biking coach extraordinaire, Gene Hamilton to show you the better (and safer) way to ride.

Through his Betterride camps and clinics, Gene coaches riders on the basics including body positioning, balance, steering and braking. Equally important, advice is generously doled out on attitude including staying positive, building confidence and overcoming fear. And before you hit the trails, your newly acquired skills and confidence are reinforced through numerous drills, practiced in a safe environment under Gene’s watchful eye.

Be prepared to amaze yourself as you find yourself bombing down hills, clearing obstacles and doing track stands.

Co-ed or women only, Betterride camps primarily take place in the west but Gene’s still finalizing his schedule so gather 5-6 friends and Gene may be persuaded to roll through your neck of the woods. At $600 ($500 within Colorado) for a three-day camp, it’s definitely a notable investment.

But as they say, a stitch in time saves nine….and in your case, that could be literally.

PS: We liked his camp so much we begged him to join our team of experts. So if you can't make it to Betterride, send your questions to expert@gracefuleddge.com to get a sample of the Gene-ious.

BetterRide with Gene Hamilton