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How Swede It Is

March 13, 2008

Ah, Sweden. The land of safe cars (Volvos), minimalist design (IKEA) and loooong winters.

So it’s no surprise that the Swedes are now producing some top notch helmets. Relatively new to this side of the Atlantic, POC helmets are making a big impact (har har!).

Comfortable and lightweight, these helmets incorporate Nobel Prize worthy technology to protect your noggin upon impact plus whiplash from any subsequent bouncing.

Space-starved action figures will dig the Receptor, the first multi-purpose helmet satisfying U.S. and European safety standards for snowsports, watersports, cycling and skateboarding. While speed demons will appreciate the sleekness of the Skull Comp, which is also worn by the U.S. Ski Team. And new for this year, POCito for kids, featuring the same technology plus an LED lamp at the back for increased visibility.

Starting at $120, they’re not the cheapest helmets on the market. But it's something that's easier to wrap your head around…without the trauma.