Everywhere Edge

The Heat is On

February 22, 2008

Stand-up comedy. Sky diving. Skiing the diamonds.

You would do it all if it weren't for those cold feet.

Warm them up with a Hot Gear Bag. Created by two elite ski racers, this handy bag features a built-in heating element to keep your boots and gear toasty. Plug it into your home outlet or use the adapter to plug into the car and choose from three different settings: warm, dry and hot.

This well designed gear bag makes it easy for skiers to schlep their stuff to and from the hills. Internal compartments hold other toast-worthy gear including socks and gloves while external pockets hold goggles, water bottles and your helmet.

Use at night to dry out foot sweat (yes, it happens to all of us) and in the morning to preheat your boots. No more struggling to cram your feet into stiff cold plastic. Rather, those tootsies will be warm, cozy, and of course....hot to trot.

Hot Gear LLC