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On the Mend

February 15, 2008

Scenario 1: You splurge your year-end bonus on a fancy new ski jacket. While enjoying the après ski festivities, an inattentive ski poser mistakes your jacket for an ashtray. You console yourself by repeating, “I look tough in duct tape”.

Scenario 2: Send holey jacket to Rainy Pass Repairs and within a few weeks, it’s returned to you, good as new.

For a more understated solution, opt for Rainy Pass. The largest outdoor repair outfit in the United States, Rainy Pass has been mending gear and apparel for over 20 years.

Leaky tent? Sleeping bag with a broken zipper? Down vest that’s lost its loft? Not a problem. And in addition to repairs, Rainy Pass also does alterations. More than hemming, feel free to make elaborate requests like adding a window to your tent or pockets to your backpack.

Known for their quality workmanship, they’re the go-to place for top labels including REI, Columbia, and Arc'Teryx.

Be forewarned, that their current turnaround times are running longer than usual.

But they’re trying their darndest to patch things up.

Rainy Pass Repairs