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Rock on Sister

February 11, 2008

Mr. Right? Whatever. Between the responsibility avoiding ski bum, the self-enamored hedge fund guy and the over-analytical policy wonk, there’s no way you’ll be accepting any rocks from the current “talent” pool.

But for some rocks that you can feel good about wearing, there’s Stonewear Designs. Hip and versatile, Stonewear is all about creating clothes for women who spend their days bouncing between the market, yoga studio, playing tag with the kids, all without missing a beat. Originally designed for climbers by climbers, Stonewear has evolved into a collection of functionally stylish clothes for active women.

Get cozy with the Bunny Fleece pullover that gives the standard fleece top an Asian makeover with a Mandarin inspired collar and side buttons. Tank tops are updated with built in shelf bras and cool strap designs. While the eponymous Stonewear pants are designed to flatter with their V notch waistbands.

Best of all, Stonewear Designs is a proud supporter of the Hera Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to ovarian cancer research.

Giving you one more reason to be stone hearted.

Stonewear Designs