Everywhere Edge

Best Foot Forward

January 23, 2008

What a trip! Three little words that’s great to hear at airports, train stations and trail heads.

But not so much when you’re flat on your back after a slippery encounter with an ice patch.

Next time hold your ground (and your dignity) by strapping on a pair of MICROspikes from Kahtoola. A super convenient traction system for shoes and boots, slip on a pair and it’s like bestowing your feet with 4x4 powers (but with better fuel economy).

Featuring well-positioned spikes held in place by flexible chains, MICROspikes keep runners and hikers on solid footing as they navigate through winter’s hazards. And the rubber harness ensures a snug fit while eliminating the need to fumble with buckles and straps.

In addition to minding your well being, Kahtoola also donates a portion of its revenues to support Tibet and other impoverished mountainous communities.

And help them land on their feet too.