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Reel Women

January 14, 2008

Did your Sundance VIP invitation get lost in the mail? Same for the Berlin Film Festival? And Los Angeles?

No worries. The LUNAFEST is now on tour with planned stops at over 100 venues throughout Canada and the United States. Showcasing nine critically acclaimed short films, these XX films (minds out of the gutters please – we’re a PG site), are made by women and feature women.

Ranging from touching documentaries to fun animations, films cover diverse subjects including motherhood, overcoming obstacles and cultural barriers. Get inspired with Breaking Boundaries: The Sondra Van Ert Story, who overcomes ageism and sexism to become a successful Olympic snowboarder. Or root for Mariam, an 11 year old Palestinian girl who is determined to buy a birthday cake.

Extra bonus: LUNAFEST is for a good cause. Completely funded by the makers of Lunabars, 100% of the proceeds are directed to worthy causes including the Breast Cancer Fund and charitable organizations benefiting local communities.

Making it a far more fulfilling experience than those other XX movies….ahem.