Everywhere Edge

Diva on the Mountain

January 11, 2008

To be sung to “She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain”.

She’ll be skiing down the mountain when she comes. Yee haw!
She’ll be skiing down the mountain and having fun.
She’ll be warm and toasty and maybe even fearful, but she learned that skiing can be fun.

She read Ski like a Diva before her trip. Yee haw!
It was filled with simple and practical tips.
Written just for women, and their significant others, it’s the perfect guide for women who aren’t interested in letting it rip.

She learned that being anxious is okay. Yee haw!
But she also learned how to keep those nerves at bay.
Thoughts on managing expectations, and a great instructor are just a couple of recommendations that will save the day.

Anna DeBattiste volunteers her wisdom, she’s a total dear. Yee haw!
She answers all sorts of questions throughout the book.
An instructor at Copper, she loves to work with women, and recently won Instructor of the Year.

She thanks Ski Like a Diva for making skiing fun. Yee haw!
Restoring faith in something she thought that wasn’t meant to be.
Runs mixed with coffee breaks, time seemed to accelerate, guess who had the biggest smile at the après ski?

Ski Like a Diva by Jennifer and Jeff Bergeron