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I Dream of Ailin

January 4, 2008

While tucked away in your cube, half your workday is spent daydreaming about fun things you would rather be doing. And the other half, dreaming about exotic locales you would rather be.

But since neither won’t be happening soon (too much backlog…doh!), try settling your escapist tendencies with Ailin (pronounced “eye-lean”).

Named after the scenic sites of New Zealand, Ailin’s collection of performance fashion will please whimsical souls who can’t get away from their day job. Ultra-feminine, these stylish pieces will transport you from the office to the yoga studio, to the ski hill and practically everywhere in between.

Update your black turtleneck with a Milford Sound mockneck constructed of moisture wicking fabric and quasi-Empire seam for a flattering silhouette. The upper half of the Cape Reinga bikini doubles as a sports bra until summer arrives. Or go first-class with Tolaga Bay dress, sophisticated yet wrinkle-resistant, your dinner companions will never guess that you pulled an all-nighter to make up for all your dreaming downtime.

More than a pretty face, Ailin literally stands for compassion for nature in Chinese. And true to its beliefs, Ailin uses eco-friendly fabrics, creates designs that will stand the test of time, and sources renewable energy.

Making it easy for you to help save the planet.  And free up some energy….so you can save your job. Ahem.