Everywhere Edge

Watch and Go

January 2, 2008

Technology is supposed to make your life easier. Keep you in the fast lane.

However, the last time you took your eyes off the trail to reset your stopwatch and fiddle with your iPod, you ended up on a detour in search of band-aids and dignity.

Next time you head out for a run, keep the show on the road with iControl, Timex’s latest watch for the sporty set. Acting as command central, the iControl watch elevates multi-tasking to a whole new level by combining Ironman watch functionality with a wireless control for your iPod in a sleek little package.

Fast forward, replay, pause or tweak the volume using buttons on the watch face while keeping your iPod securely stashed in your pocket. While Ironman watch features like lap counters and interval timers, and stopwatch help keep your eyes on the prize...

…and on the road.

Timex iControl