Everywhere Edge

Pimp Your Ride

December 17, 2007

When it comes to the biker crowd, it takes more than skintight spandex to stand apart from the peloton.

You could be the queen of the pack, sport a chocolate gel mustache, or you could launch yourself headfirst over the handlebars.

Or you could bypass the aching bones, muscles and humiliation and get Jen Green to create a super cool custom headbadge for your bike.

Think one-of-a-kind bike bling, each badge is carefully handcrafted from sterling silver. Just send Jen an image of your choice (logo, artwork, favorite cartoon character) and within a couple of weeks, you’ll be rocking the trails and roads with your personal bike decor. Long on ideas but short on artistic skill? Share your vision and she’ll work with you on the design.

Let your imagination run free, Jen has immortalized everything ranging from pink ribbons for breast cancer supporters, favorite pets, even a black-eyed Hello Kitty.

There's also gift certificates for last minute Christmas shoppers. Because while the window for Christmas delivery has come and gone….it’s never too late to make a personal impression.