Everywhere Edge

Sheet Dreams

December 14, 2007

How does one get upgraded to first class for free? Will I get lucky by kissing the Blarney Stone? Who else has slept here?

Just some of a globetrotter’s mysteries. And while sometimes it pays to seek out the truth, other times…oblivion is blissful.

Like when you rest your travel-weary body in your personal set of travel sheets. Made from soothing fabrics like silk, Egyptian cotton, or SeaCell, a super soft seaweed blend, Design Salt’s TravelSheet completely envelops you, creating your own personal oasis.

Travelers will appreciate the protection from questionable bedding and airline blankets while backpackers can extend the life of their sleeping bags when using the TravelSheet as a liner.

Other traveler friendly products include liners for mummy bags, travel blankets and double-sized TravelSheets...

..because who knows when wanderlust might strike.