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All Sweats are Off

December 12, 2007

Patient: Solitary Sporty Suzie
Doctor: FeelGood

Patient Notes: Patient suffers from active isolation. Hikes, runs, and snowshoes in solitude due to overpowering foot odor. Recently denied entry to ski lodge after inadvertently triggering last season’s bio-terrorism scare when removing ski boots.

Diagnosis: Clear case of chronic soggy-itis. Contaminated footwear includes running shoes, hiking boots, and snowboard boots.

Treatment: Daily sessions with PEET Dryer, a guaranteed way to safely dry footwear, removing moisture, sweat, and odor-causing bacteria. Using thermal convection technology, PEET will not damage footwear by over-drying through excessive hot air.

Other possible treatments include Advantage PEET which features ionization technology for extra ammunition against bacteria and a quiet fan for faster drying times. There’s also Go!PEET easily packed for ski trips and comes with an adapter for drying while driving.

Prognosis: Fully expect that all soles will be saved.

PEET Dryer