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Master Craft

December 10, 2007

It's craft time. Paper snowflakes and macaroni art?

Umm...no, thanks. In grade school, you chose to apply your craft skills to create custom footbeds out of Play-Dough (pronation starts young) and build aerodynamic snowballs.

Even at a young age, you believed that crafts were best used to enhance performance. And the people at Craft couldn't agree more.

For over 30 years, Craft has been outfitting outdoors-loving athletes in high-tech performance wear specially designed to withstand the elements, particularly the chilly ones.

Cozy base layers feature knitted mini air channels to keep you dry and comfortable. While Thermal Jackets and Tights use WindStopper to take the bite out of the bone-chilling wind. Other thoughtful details include articulated knees for ease of movement and Cruiser Jacket's detachable sleeves for increased functionality.

Not the cheapest gear around but sign up for Craft's periodic newsletters and be entered in their monthly draw to win free gear.

Now that's crafty.