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Ask the Expert: Winter adventures in Alaska

Photo credit:  Jeff Lipsky

Photo credit: Jeff Lipsky

December 5, 2007

Q: I live in Alaska, near Anchorage. I love being outdoors and comfortable in pursuing adventures on my own. With winter fast approaching, do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Barbara D., Anchorage, AK

Christina: Try a weekend of cross country skiing in scenic and historic Hatcher's Pass which is conveniently located near Anchorage. Located in the Talkeetna range, Hatcher's Pass offers stunning views, varying terrain that's suitable for families as well as rugged mountaineer types and the cross country skiing is divine. If you head out on Saturday you might even try to stay the night in Lane Hut - a wonderful little shack in the woods, first come, first serve. Leave some Ramen noodles and hot chocolate for the next group passing through and don't be afraid to share the hut with other skiers, it's a no-reservations kind of place.