Everywhere Edge

Stride Right

December 3, 2007

On one side of the eco-equation, you shop at the local farmer's market using totes made from recycled water bottles.

And on the other? Driving five blocks to get there to "save" your feet.

It appears that for every two steps forward, there's one step back.

But now there's Ahnu, a new footwear company that makes it hip and easy to put your greenest feet forward. Named after Anu, the Celtic goddess for balance and well-being, Ahnu is as concerned about your feet as it is about the environment and other social causes.

Whether it's hitting the trails in pair of Nordens or cruising around town in a cute pair of Mary-Jane inspired Benecias, Ahnu's entire collection features QuiteLight™ technology, keeping you comfortable and poised for top performance. Girls-on-the-go and multi-taskers will also appreciate that all shoes are easily slipped on with one hand with its nifty strapping system.

And Ahnu's social conscience means shoeboxes are made of recycled material, lingo printed in soy ink and sole inserts derived from 100% post-consumer waste.

Not quite a giant leap forward for humankind but definitely a big step in the right direction.