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Girl Gone Wild

November 26, 2007

If you had to choose between a night of sipping cocktails or a night around the campfire chowing down on s'mores, it would be a total toss-up.

But thanks to Jennifer Worick you can learn how to have both, as evidenced in Backcountry Betty: Roughing it in Style.

A city girl at heart (aka "Betty"), Worick steered clear of the outdoors until her move to Seattle and found herself adapting her Betty-habits to her outdoor adventures.

For women who store their hiking boots alongside their Jimmy Choos, Backcountry Betty is filled with creative and hilarious tips on how to thrive in the wild despite the absence of showers, estheticians and yoga studios. Find the answers for Betties' most common backcountry dilemmas, including matters of personal hygiene, repurposing common beauty products for the backcountry (perfume doubles as a wound sterilizer) and how to transform your tent into a pleasure palace.

Follow Worick's advice and your campfire cocktail parties (Crystal Lite cocktail recipes included) will be the talk of the backcountry.

And give a whole new meaning to heeding the call of the wild.

Backcountry Betty: Roughing it in Styleby Jennifer Worick