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Straight from the Heart

November 23, 2007

They say, no pain, no gain.

And between your quarter-sized blisters from hiking, the scabby elbow from mountain biking and the burning ring of chafed skin from your heart rate monitor chest strap, you're inclined to believe them.

That is until you try on the cool new sports bra from NuMetrex. Super sophisticated, the NuMetrex Sports Bra combines the comfort and support of a sports bra with the intelligence of a heart rate monitor. High-tech sensors are woven into the fabric (they never wash out), capturing your heart rate and transmitting it to the transmitter which is stored in a discreet pocket at the front. NuMetrex bras are compatible with Polar heart rate monitor systems or pick up a generic NuMetrex transmitter to use with monitoring systems including Nike, New Balance, or Oregon Scientific.

Other comforting details include moisture wicking and highly breathable fabric, seamless construction (no chafing!) and a snug but forgiving fit.

So unlike the case of the mystery meat served at the ski lodge, it will be a cinch to get to the heart of matter....and pain-free.