Everywhere Edge

The Sher Thing

November 16, 2007

Back in the day, life seemed so much simpler.  All it took was a wallet, keys and id to get you through the day.

These days, between your laptop, yoga mat, multiple handheld devices, travel mug, snacks and your Sudoku puzzlebook, your daily schlep is beginning to bear a strong resemblance to a Mount Everest expedition. All you need is a Sherpa to ease your load.

Or even better, a Sherpani.

A hip line of bags for urban and backcountry adventurers alike, Sherpani bags easily bear the weight of your life whether you're headed to the trails or the mall (it's a jungle out there). Three stylish collections – Sport, Life, and Natural – offer women awesome choices in backpacks, yoga bags, messenger bags, laptop bags, urban packs, baby carriers, and overnight bags.

Featuring thoughtful details like wet pockets for bathing suits, yoga mat holders, oodles of pockets, or a detachable bag for shoes and toiletries, Sherpani's design philosophy is all about functional simplicity for modern women-on-the-go. There's even a bright floral lining to eliminate that black hole effect. Because, who has time for to solve the Bermuda Triangle mystery within their bag?

Not you....that's for sher.