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Lock, Stock and Roll

November 9, 2007

As an eternal optimist, you believe that good ultimately trumps evil. Cancer will be cured. Global warming will stop. Everyone will get along. And villains can be heroes.

Just like the case of Pinhead, who can save bike and ultimately your day, in one swoop from evil bike thieves. Using an innovative locking system, Pinhead securely fastens your wheels, seat and headset to your bike frame, protecting those expensive components.

Easy to install, it’s a simple matter of replacing your quick releases with their user-friendly locking skewers that can only be unlocked with a specially coded key. And its universal design ensures that bikes of all shapes, sizes and vintages can accommodate Pinheads.

Tough and resilient, it’s easy to let your guard down in the company of Pinheads. Particularly when their key doubles as a bottle openers. Just steer clear of drinking and riding…..as Pinheads are all about keeping your bearings about you.

Pinhead Components