Everywhere Edge

Star Power

November 5, 2007

Star light, star bright,
The first star that drivers see tonight,
I know I will,
Be seen tonight,
When I head out in illumiNITE.

Be a vision for all eyes with some dazzling performance wear from illumNITE. Using a patented technique, illumiNITE's clothing is embedded with microscopic reflectors, making you highly visible in low light. Unlike normal reflective strips, illumiNITE's reflectors are woven into the fabric and light up in fun patterns like flowers and squiggles. Combined with top notch performance features like wind resistance, moisture management and breathability, illumiNITE will keep you comfortable for hours on end.

A wide range of sweet jackets and tights protect you from the chilly elements. Helmet covers, booties and arm warmers are bright (hee hee) ideas for cyclists. And the Flower Power pants add a little pizzazz with its flattering boot cut flare and reflective floral motif.

Sure to make you sparkle.

And make you the brightest star of the night.