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Ask the Expert: Kayak practice in the off-season

photo credit:  Paul Villecourt

photo credit: Paul Villecourt

October 31, 2007

Q: In my neck of the woods, white water runs only during rainy season (about 4-5 months out of the year). During the dry season, how can I better prepare myself physically so I am not swimming once I hit the rapids? Lynn Y., ON, Canada

Anna: Check with your local community pool for roll sessions. This is a great way to practice your roll, keep up your skills and meet other boaters. Local canoe and kayak clubs usually host or sponsor the pool sessions so you can search the internet to find out who your local club is and where they run the pool sessions. You can also invest in some instructional DVDs that you can watch and bring those skills to the pool. A good starting point is Whitewater Kayaking for Women.