Everywhere Edge

That's the Spirit

October 26, 2007

Marathon season is in full blast! Inspired by their dedication, discipline and spirit, here's a playlist from our readers to inspire those superpowers in the rest of us. Now get out there and barrel through that Wall (just download this playlist first)!

Let's Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas    
- there's no time like the present
Ready for the Good Times  by Shakira
- it's Friday!!!!
I Wanna be Sedated by The Ramones    
- if I don’t get some fresh air soon
The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani
- from the cubicle, housework, blackberry, etc. etc
Speak Slow by Tegan & Sara
- but move fast
Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake    
- your front is too…if they could only see it
Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol    
- while doing the rebel yell - now that's coordination
Never Ever by All Saints    
- ever ever ever give up
Hold On by Good Charlotte    
- you're nearly there….
Desert Rose  by Sting    
- that's you in a field of mostly men
Straight Up by Sean Paul    
- but detours are an adventure in their own right
Say You Will by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
- the more the merrier
Wannabe by Spice Girls    
- just as great the second time around

Thanks Readers for sharing your tunes!
More tunes to share?  Well, we’re ready to hear more. Contact us and share your favorite workout music.  And stay tuned when we feature a whole new playlist as recommended by our readers.