Everywhere Edge

Shoe Me the Money

October 22, 2007

Left boob: Here we go again. Another sixty minutes of being jammed into a sports bra with credit cards and ID.

Right boob: At least you don't have a couple of Washingtons and Lincolns staring right at you. It totally creeps me out.

LB: It's not fair. Just because we're of petite proportions, it shouldn't mean that she can treat her sports bra like a locker.

RB: Wait a minute, things may be looking up. It looks like she just got herself a Shoewallet.

LB: Does that mean that we can look forward to more breathing room?

RB: Absolutely. The Shoewallet easily slips under the shoelaces and securely fastened with Velcro. Credit cards and ID fit in the external strap while keys, money and the iPod sensor fit in the pouch.

LB: Wow that sounds really bulky. Are you sure she's going to be ok with the Shoewallet?

RB: Weighing about an ounce, less than a single sock, the Shoewallet is super light, compact and convenient.

LB: This sounds too good to be true.

RB: Nah, besides you should know ….that the best things come in small packages.