Everywhere Edge

Zen Beckons

October 17, 2007

You’re addicted to your Blackberry. You’re first in line at REI’s clearance sale. And you’re up at the crack of dawn on big powder days.

And while some say, good things come to those who wait, you’re hanging with the “early bird gets the worm” crowd.

Now you can have a little of both with Beckons, a delightful collection of activewear and studiowear.   Seeking a well-intentioned existence, Ann Sather and Becky Prater created Beckons as a gentle nudge to embrace your inner yogini’s virtuous characteristics like grace, balance, peace, strength and courage.

100% eco-chic (their entire line is organic), pieces are designed to be fun, flattering and versatile. Strength pieces are simple and classic. Wisdom pieces represent maturity with more coverage and clever details like tulip-shaped back hemlines. While Grace skirts and wraps are perfect to transition between the studio and the coffee shop.

And as an additional subtle reminder to living harmoniously, Becky and Ann have stitched a positive intention tag stitched into every garment.

Helping you arrive at that state of zen…sooner than later.

Beckons Organic