Everywhere Edge

Weekend Homework

October 12, 2007

When it comes to matters of adventure and fun, you’ve always been a star student. The go-to girl. Ms. Wendy-wikipedia. So here’s your chance to test your wits.   And for those who can withstand the temptations of Google, the answers will be published on Monday.

1. What's the room temperature for Bikram yoga?

2. How many times has a woman won the Iditarod?

3. Rank the following peaks from high to low:
a) Mt. Aconcagua
b) K2
c) Mt. Kilimanjaro
d) Mt. Whitney
e) Mt. Fuji

4. Who was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon?

5. Under what circumstances should you replace your bike helmet?
a) It's more than 5 years old
b) After a big crash
c) After a mini crash
d) It's no longer in style
e) All of the above except for d

6. Where is the City of Sails?

7. True or False: It’s possible to ski down Mt. Everest

8. Translate the following: “Kate red pointed the Chief and avoided the sewing machine leg with the help of Jessica’s running beta, particularly during the crux."

9. What leaves a larger carbon footprint?
a)    Flying from New York to Capetown, or
b)    Driving 10,000 miles in a Honda Civic

10. What’s the longest recorded swim in open water?

11. How do women specific bikes differ from traditionally designed bikes?
a)    Shorter top tubes
b)    Narrower handlebars
c)    Slightly wider saddles
d)    Shorter stems
e)    All of the above

12. What has more calories?
a)    Fudge brownie
b)    Mint chocolate chip ice cream
c)    Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream
d) who cares? Desserts are good for the soul\
Hint for q12 - it's not a, b, or c!

1. 105° Fahrenheit
2.  5 (1985: Libby Riddles; 1986 - 1988 and 1990: Susan Butcher)
3.  K2 (28,261 feet); Mt. Aconcagua, (22,841 feet); Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet); Mt. Whitney (14,491 feet); Mt. Fuji (12,388 feet)
4.  Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb (1966)
5.  e) all of the above except for d)
6.  Auckland, New Zealand
7.  True – as proven by Kit DesLauriers on October 18, 2006 the first person to ski from the summit of the highest peaks on all seven continents
8.  Kate successfully led a climb up the Chief without falling or resting on the rope. And she was able to avoid an leg spasms due to Jessica's advice, particuarly during the hardest portion of the the climb.
9.  Honda Civic (5,595 lbs of CO2) vs. roundtrip flight between New York and Capetown (6,083 lbs of CO2)
10.  In May 1997, Susie Maroney of Australia swam 122 miles without flippers from Mexico to Cuba , taking her 38 hours and 33 minutes.
11.  e) all of the above
12.  d) Who cares? Desserts are good for the soul!