Everywhere Edge

A Clear Point of View

September 24, 2007

Some things are expected to be fuzzy: puppies, fleece jackets, boyfriends.

Other things are not: photos, edges of your snowboard, to-do lists.

Your vision also belongs in the latter category.

Which is why Kaenon Polarized sunglasses are so awesome. Their super advanced technology have created top-notch lenses that are crystal clear while protecting your peepers from glare off water, roads and trails. Lightweight yet impact-proof, these sophisticated lenses are housed in stylin’ frames to match.

Sporty wraparounds inherit a street attitude in Rhino and Hard Core. Or go retro with Georgia or Eden, two of their hip women’s specific designs. From updated aviators to cool Jackie O’s, Kaenons are perfectly balanced between form and function.

Founded by Steve Rosenberg whose professional resume includes an executive stint at Oakley. So it’s only expected that he’d launch a collection that was innovative and thoroughly hip.

But then again, seeing is believing.