Everywhere Edge

The Raw Deal

September 19, 2007

Excluding calorie counting, checking e-mail every five minutes and those six subscriptions to celebrity tabloids, obsessive behavior can occasionally result in something great.

Take for example Art Eggertsen and his passion for snowboarding and food. Dissatisfied with the ski hill cafeteria’s lack of tasty and healthy alternatives that could sustain his die-hard snowboarding habit, Art took matters in his own hands and created the Probar energy bar.

Jam packed with raw and unprocessed ingredients like dates, chunky nuts and dried fruit – no funky chemicals here, the Probar is a wholesome montage of nutritional goodies for vegans and non-vegans alike. Choose from seven yummy flavors including Whole Berry Blast, Koka-Moka, Apple Cinnamon Crunch or Superfood Slam.

At 3 oz per bar, it’s definitely bigger than your standard energy bar.  But you'll get plenty of fuel for your day at the slopes, or sadly (and more likely) checking your email.