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Fair Commitment

September 17, 2007

It’s a label lust world. And if labels could talk, Gucci would shout “look at me”; Nike would direct you to “just do it”. And in the case of Indigenous Designs, it’s all about “spreading the love”.

Organic materials, low-impact dyes, solar power and fair wages for artisan cooperatives, Indigenous Designs is committed to creating luxurious and comfy clothing while employing socially responsible practices. Launched in 1994 by Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, these eco-fashion pioneers started at a time when the inconvenient truth only referred to the nutrition labels on pints Ben and Jerry’s.

Using only all-natural fibers like merino wool, silk, and alpaca, each piece is skillfully handcrafted by artisans in South America and India who earn a fair and living wage for their efforts. Spend Sunday mornings lounging in one of their cozy sweaters like the fun Boatneck Kangaroo Pocket Pullover. Or head outside for an adventure in a moisture-wicking performance top from their Terra Sport collection.

All appealing to your sense of style while improving the livelihood of those less fortunate.

Now that’s a social ladder worth climbing.

Indigenous Designs