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Pedal Power

Photo credit: Sean Leslie

Photo credit: Sean Leslie

September 12, 2007

It's an unfortunate truth – your adoption record is a little spotty. First there were the grasshoppers. Then the goldfish. And most recently, the prize-winning rosebushes from Aunt Martha. All meeting their untimely demise despite your best intentions.

Perhaps you should switch gears and adopt something a little more resilient, like a Kona AfricaBike. These tough bikes were specifically created to withstand the conditions in Africa. Designed by Kona, makers of top-notch bicycles, these life-saving AfricaBikes aid home healthcare workers in delivering medicine and care to HIV/AIDS patients. Using pedal power instead of walking, health care workers can increase their number of daily house calls, particularly in remote regions.

Launched in 2006, a joint initiative between Kona, Bicycling magazine, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, the BikeTown Africa project has delivered over 350 bikes to AIDS stricken communities in Botswana and Namibia and will be heading to Senegal in October. Dedicated volunteers accompany the shipment to assemble and distribute the bikes, as well as give lessons in maintenance, repair and even riding lessons.

For $100, you (and your friends) can contribute to the cause and adopt an AfricaBike. Include a small sticker and volunteers will paste the sticker to the bike and email a photo to you. It's like a certificate of your adoption, but this time with an improved survival rate.