Everywhere Edge

An Exercise in Numbers

September 5, 2007

9: Paychecks needed to afford dream bike (8 if on sale)
Minutes in the shower before the hot water goes
30,000,000: Number of plastic water bottles added to the landfill everyday

Actually, make that 30 million less one when you ditch the plastic for a hip reusable bottle from SIGG.

Engineered by the Swiss, these are not your standard water bottles. SIGG bottles are made of aluminum, making them super light but incredibly durable. And in typical Swiss fashion, these bottles are totally neutral. The internal nontoxic coating is a baked-enamel finish making it taste neutral and resistant to any leaching even to acidic drinks like juice, cola and red wine.

With over 120 designs including florals, funky patterns, cute illustrations and Swiss motifs, and sizes ranging from 0.3L (kid sized) to 0.6L ('standard' plastic water bottle) and up to 1.5L (day hike sized), there's something for everyone.

SIGG is also a member of '1% for the Planet', and donates 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

Making it 2: Number of you who believe that all those 1's can really add up.