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A Score for the Pores

August 29, 2007

Fluids to hydrate before, during and after the big race? Check.

An amazing run -- even broke your record AND had fun in the process? Check.

Post-race massage to soothe your tired muscles? Check.

Celebratory feast?   Check.

Done the body good?  Mmm…not quite.

Aren’t you forgetting something?

Like your largest organ?  Hours of training in the elements: sun, wind, and chlorinated water, has left your pores starving for attention.  A dilemma that’s now been solved, courtesy of Taylor Sparks.  A marathoner and triathlete herself, Taylor noticed all that training was taking a serious toll on her skin.   So she retreated to her lab (aka her kitchen) and developed Skin Care for Athletes a natural and organic skin care line for the athletically inclined.

Bare minimum girls will dig the Tri-Body Wash with an all-in-one formulation for hair, face and body.  It’s also gentle enough for daily use and after every sweaty session.  Other products to love include super moisturizing Tri-Body Sprays and luxurious facial serums  - just a couple of drops needed to go the distance.

Enabling your skin to keep up with the rest of you.

Skin Care for Athletes