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Mission Possible

August 22, 2007

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Head to the backcountry, conquer a mountain, and have a ton of fun in the process.

Impossible? Nope.

Not when you hook up with an amazing trip organized by Women’s Wilderness Institute. Solely for the fairer sex, these programs are designed for women looking to thrive in the wild while in a safe and empowering environment.

With over twenty dedicated instructors, WWI offers a great variety of courses including rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking and fly fishing in stunning locales in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

Last minute planners can regain their peace of mind with WWI’s upcoming Green River yoga retreat. Winter adventurers can look forward to courses in ice climbing, backcountry skiing and telemarking. Or throw a truly wild bachelorette party when WWI customizes an adventure just for you and your gal pals.

WWI is a non-profit organization and proceeds from their courses help fund scholarships for Girl Wilderness programs and Wilderness Recovery Retreats for survivors of trauma and cancer.

Making your mission...extra successful.

Women’s Wilderness Institute