Everywhere Edge

Lost and Found

August 15, 2007

Despite road-tripping across the country, backpacking through Europe and gallivanting your way Down Under, home is where your heart is.

And also where your iPod, bicycle and camera ultimately should be - like when you use BoomerangIt to register your valuables.

A global lost and found service, BoomerangIt helps you get reunited with your wayward belongings, no matter where you may have parted ways. Simply apply the temper-resistant labels to your gear and register the unique serial number with BoomerangIt. For all shapes and sizes, BoomerangIt tags can be used for keys, luggage or kayaks. Bicycles receive special treatment and get registered in the National Bike Registry that works with police to ensure that bikes are returned to their rightful owners.

The process is simple. When a Good Samaritan finds your stuff, she calls BoomerangIt (or logs her find online) and BoomerangIt notifies you and arranges for its return shipping. Good Samaritans also get rewarded with a free pack of BoomerangIt tags for their efforts.

Costing as little as $10, you can join the ranks of over one million members. Who also believe…that there’s no place like home.