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Memory Wrap

August 10, 2007

Getaway vacations. Running. Triathlons.  You do a lot to clear your mind.  However, with a T-shirt to commemorate every event, your closet is anything but clear.

Just yesterday, it took 30 minutes to locate your lucky shirt wedged between Race for the Cure (circa 1995) and I Love Yosemite.

Give your closet some breathing space but save the memories by sending your souvenir T-shirts to Mulvany Quilt Studio to be carefully transformed into custom quilts and pillows. Simply venture into that scary packed closet and pull out your favorite tees to be stitched into a cozy quilt brimming with nostalgia.

Available in three different styles and a multitude of sizes, your racing quilt will be tailored to your wishes and budget. Identify your favorites and they’ll be featured towards the center. Love both the front and back? Not a problem – both sides can be included. Quilts can be created with as few as 4 shirts though packrats can use this opportunity to clear out 55 shirts.

Mulvany Quilt Studio also offers gift certificates. A perfect gift for your partner in training.

In case you feel like racing her down memory lane.

Mulvany Quilt Studio